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What can AI learn about porn and what turns you on? That is what we're trying to figure out at QuickFap. QuickFap is an Artificial Intelligence system that learns what exactly it is that makes you want to whip it out and jerk it till the morning! Why AI? Because we know that it's hard to think about keywords and tags when all you want to do is get your rocks off the moment you click go. You train QuickFap on what videos you would wank it to by answering one simple question. QuickFap then begins to serve you better and better porn until it knows all of your tastes and fetishes.

QuickFap saves the videos you'd bust a nut to in your Spank Bank and allows you to see the "network" of your fetishes in an interactive way. Learn more about what drives your libido, or just enjoy custom tailored porn that always gets the job done, with no hassle and no searching!

Why did we make this?

Honestly, just like you, we dont want to have to learn to use a site just to get quality porn. We believe that we have enough technology nowadays to not have to take that extra step. This is our little contribution to both current artificial intelligence research, and to our community of fellow fappers to try to dull the learning curve of today's adult entertainment industry.

How do we get our videos?

We use PornHub, the worlds largest porn site and a great source of entertainment! Some videos might be deleted on pornhub and in this case please report the video as deleted. As of April 5th, 207 we have a total of over 500,000 videos indexed and we're adding new videos every day. We might be adding more sources of videos in the near future as we're always looking for more content so you never get bored.

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What you watch is your own business. Your session with our site is anonymous and we don't use cookies to track you between sessions. We do not share data with any third party organization. If you would like more privacy or you're a secret fapper use a Private browser session or Incognito mode. If you create an account on our site, your data will still remain private. We do, however, use your data to further bring you videos more suited to your taste. We will also further analyze this anonymous data to find "taste patterns" among all of our users in order to create a better general user playing experience.


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We are working hard to get all the features of this site up and running. Thanks for using QuickFap anyway! We hope you are having a great experience. Keep the lube close!